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Vision & Mission

Since its inception, Educational Wings of IIJT Academy with its goal oriented mission is perpetually achieving success. To become the largest organization in India for job oriented trainings in various verticals with continuous improvement and produce high level of professionals for global job market.

IIJT Academy’s comprehensive workshops provide automation professionals with a proven training program that enables them to quickly take on the challenging task of establishing a robust communication infrastructure. Each workshop is composed of various units that increase in complexity. In each unit, students first learn the theory followed by hands-on exercises that demonstrate common contemporary issues. Each unit has additional exercises to challenge even the most advanced students.

To meet the demands for personal computer training, IIJT Academy has developed a wide range of IT programs catering to the individual and corporate training needs; be it for career development or enhancing business efficiency, productivity and cost-savings through the use of IT. IIJT Academy is an advance training centre for selective IT and Management programs and International Certifications.

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